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Why did I make this?

One day, my classmate in school saw my fancy Linux install on my laptop, and asked how I got it. After explaining to him what Linux was, he immediately wanted it, but got stuck in deciding which distro, out of the current thousand's, would he use. This got an idea in my head to create this website, making it easier for beginners as well as advanced users to have an easy method to use Linux. Just like all the distros curated in this website, the code for my website as well as the projects it uses are open source too! Click the button below to see the Git repo of my code.

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About me

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Avi Wadhwa

Hello there! I designed this website as a sixteen year old FOSS enthusiast. Nowadays, I'm busy with schoolwork and assignments. I have switched to using macOS and the M1 MacBook Air. You can contact me/see what I'm up to these days via the buttons below!

I gave a lightning talk at GUADEC! โšก

Shoutout to the projects, communities and people who helped in the making of this โœจ


Bootstrap is the CSS library used throughout this website. I used it, albeit with some slight modifications (like the purple buttons!)



GNOME is dedicated to building a FOSS desktop with apps, and a toolkit. They are what got me interested in Linux in the first place, due to how clean and cohesive it is. I also built my website on Gnome Builder, Gnome's own IDE, while on my Gnome desktop powered Fedora laptop!



Innovative hosting of Git, like GitHub, but open source as well. My code is hosted there!



The most popular version control system. My code uses Git for version control!



An awesome, interpreted Object Oriented Language. My code for the website is in Python, because this language is my favorite!



A self contained rational database. I used this SQL database for storing my curated list of distro's and their properties.



Automated, secure, web certificates in a breeze! This project is the reason why my website is "secure" as said by Chrome under 2 minutes of setting up!



Possibly the greatest web hosting service of them all. For $5 per month, I got an Ubuntu droplet running under 5 minutes, with my code shifting over to professional hosting services such as this giving me a huge learning experience too!



Although old, dusty, and not very user friendly, it is the most detailed website with details for each and every distro on the planet. I used this website to gather information about my curated list of distro's.



I currently study under this diploma in a school (more realistically, the MYP diploma) and their "Personal Project" is what gave me an opportunity to take time and work on this hobby of mine and improve, and hone my skills under school time!



I use Twitter's emoji's as some icons in my website! (like the favicon, the penguin! ๐Ÿง)



Everyone talks about Linux, but in reality all distros are GNU/Linux, as Linux is only the kernel, and GNU has worked very hard, to make the open source licenses we all use today (which my code, and the other projects I used are also licensed in) as well as all the utilities used in common place Linux distros, such as the gcc compiler, and so many other nifty programs and utilities. They are the main force behind Free Software


Open Source initiative

On the other hand, everyone credits Free Software, forgetting about the Open Source initiative. While more lenient on the political aspect compared to Free Software, has driven Open Source programs to popularity in the recent years. Many projects I used are Open Source, thanks to this great non-profit initiative!


The wonderful people I interviewed

The wonderful developers and FOSS enthusiasts I interviewed for my personal project, way back in February. Cassidy James, Michael Hall, Brandon Nolet, Alecaddd, and Richard Brown.

Cassidy James' Twitter ๐Ÿฆ Michael Hall's Twitter ๐Ÿฆ Brandon Nolet's Twitter ๐Ÿฆ Alecaddd's Twitter ๐Ÿฆ Richard Brown's Twitter ๐Ÿฆ