Safe, private, and secure. Choose Linux today.

Wait, what is linux?

It's an operating system. Operating System?

Operating System's are the main software behind your phone, or computer. Android, Windows, and macOS are operating systems.

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Alright, so why should I use Linux?

It's safe and private. No tracking.

No company looking over you, no "big brother is watching you" nonsense. Just your desktop and you, with no big scary corporation stealing all your data.

The spy emoji to characterize how secure Linux is

It's fast. Lightning Fast.

It's super fast. So fast, that 100% of super computers use it. All Android phones use it too, and most servers keeping your websites, apps, and cat videos online are as well.

The lightning emoji to characterize how fast Linux is

It's Open Source. Open Source?

Fancy term time! Open Source means anyone is free to do whatever they want with Linux. You can copy and make your own version, change a few things and help out Linux, or really anything! It gives more power to you!

(fun fact, that's why this website is called librehunt, because libre is a french word for freedom, which is what Linux gives you)

The open source logo to show that Linux is open source

It's got many flavours! Awesome!

The actual term is "distro", as in your own distribution of Linux, but it just means that anyone can make their own Linux flavour. Changing the theme, putting different apps, making it for beginners to something scary looking for super computers. This also means Linux can have different desktops, such as some where you can customize to your heart's content while being incredibly fast, and some where everything is minimal and perfect with a clean vision. Some distros even have their own homemade desktop, while some can have more than one of the popular ones running or available.

The paint emoji to characterize how customizable Linux is

Awesome, but there are a million Linux distro's...

That's alright, because I've made the second part of this website to help you choose which distro/Linux flavour to use!